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Namaste and Welcome


I'm Aditi Khanna, a passionate multi-style yoga instructor and accomplished personal stylist with a mission to empower individuals on their journey to wellness and self-expression. 


My website is a space where I bring together the transformative practices of yoga and the art of personal styling. 


My mission is to help you discover your true potential and embrace a life of balance and confidence.


Celebrating yoga as my way of life, I bring over 2.5 years of teaching experience, 900 hours of advanced training, and the privilege of guiding more than 150 students. My expertise spans diverse yoga styles, and I'm dedicated to crafting personalized classes to meet your unique needs.

My holistic approach seamlessly weaves together yoga philosophy, the art of breath, and nourishing nutrition. Through this blend, we nurture well-being that extends well beyond the confines of the mat.

With a wealth of experience as a seasoned fashion stylist, I firmly believe that style is an artful manifestation of self-expression, and every individual deserves to exude confidence authentically. With over six enriching years immersed in the styling industry, I've had the honor of collaborating with international brands and styling influential figures. This journey has refined my prowess in crafting captivating ensembles that mirror each person's unique persona.

In both yoga and styling, my aim is to lead you to your true self, fostering authenticity, mindfulness, and a positive body image. Whether through yoga or style advice, I'm committed to providing an empowering experience.

My website offers personalized guidance, wellness tips, style inspiration, and a glimpse into my ongoing journey. I'm excited to be a part of your transformative journey as we navigate the path to holistic well-being and celebrate your unique essence. Explore my services, and feel free to reach out for any questions or collaborations.

Embarking on My Transformative Yoga Journey

In the whirlwind of 2020, a year of global uncertainty, I discovered solace and purpose on a yoga mat. This journey started as a small part of my daily routine but soon evolved into a life-altering experience, permeating every aspect of my existence.

nrolling in immersive yoga teacher training as the world reopened brought about transformative ripples in every part of my life. I reached a significant milestone - 900 hours of advanced training, including 500 hours certified by Yoga Alliance USA and 400 hours endorsed by the Ayush Ministry of India. However, this journey is about more than just numbers. It's about using this knowledge to inspire change and share the light ignited within me.

With each class and practice, my commitment lies in creating a positive impact, nurturing mindfulness, and promoting well-being. It's not about the hours spent on the mat; it's about the transformation they bring. My yoga journey embodies self-improvement, the pursuit of being better, and realizing boundless potential. Join me on this path of growth, self-discovery, and inner awakening.

My Journey into the World of Styling

My journey into the world of styling embodies courage and a unique path. Leaving a stable job at a top celebrity agency, I took a leap of faith in 2017, supported by my unwavering mother, defying practicality from a middle-class background where passion often takes a back seat.

From uncertain beginnings to relentless cold calls, I secured a big break in 2019, propelling my journey. Styling world-renowned Indian athletes became a privilege, carving my niche.

Beyond the glamour of celebrity, my true passion is empowering individuals to embrace their personal style. I advocate for a minimalistic wardrobe, curated with timeless pieces and versatile accessories for endless combinations, in contrast to luxury brands.

Style is your canvas for self-expression, extending far beyond fashion. My mission is to guide you to an authentic style that not only enhances your outer appearance but also boosts your inner confidence."

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From inner wellness to outward elegance, I'm committed to guiding you to your truest self. Join me on a voyage of self-expression, holistic care, and profound self-discovery, where we intricately weave together style, tranquility, and resilience.


With love and gratitude

Aditi Khanna

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