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Yoga for All Ages: Senior Citizen Classes

Welcome to Our Senior Citizen and All-Abilities Yoga Classes

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age. Join Senior Citizen Yoga for personalized classes focused on well-being, happiness, and belonging in a supportive environment. All abilities and fitness levels are welcome, and we tailor the practice to your needs, ensuring full yoga benefits.

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Why Yoga Remains Vital in Senior Citizen Years

As we age, staying active and maintaining flexibility, balance, and strength is vital. Yoga is an ideal practice for seniors as it gently promotes physical and mental well-being while respecting the body's limitations. 

Improve Flexibility

Stretching improves flexibility for ease in daily movements.

Enhance Balance

Specialized exercises enhance balance, reducing the risk of injuries.

Build Strength

Strengthening postures target essential muscles for daily vitality.

Reduce Stress

Mindful breathing and relaxation ease stress, promoting clarity and peace.

Connect and Socialize

A warm, supportive senior community to build friendships and share experiences.

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Class Details

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Client Testimonials: Hear What Our Clients Say About Us


I have been taking classes with Aditi for several months now and I have truly loved all classes. She is extremely capable and has a very calming way about her. She gives our class something new every week and challenges us with new postures/positions. I truly look forward to my classes with Aditi! I feel so energized each week and feel stronger.


Aditi is super special! As a yoga teacher, she is very knowledgeable and creative during her classes. Since I started with her, I have enjoyed every single session and learned something new every time. She has the talent of challenging you to improve yourself and to help you reach your fullest potential. With Aditi, yoga is simply magical!


Aditi is a great yoga teacher. She offers variety of classes for different levels. Hatha, vinyasa, breathing exercises. Slower yin yoga and more dynamic ashtanga. She offers it all! She’s truly passionate about what she does. Truly recommend her!
senior citizens yoga
Embark on Your Yoga Journey Today

Experience the transformative power of yoga in my Senior and All-Abilities Yoga classes. Discover the joy of movement, the power of breath, and the serenity of a peaceful mind

Online and In-Person Sessions

Choose the format that suits you best.

Attend our live virtual sessions from anywhere in the world or inquire about our in-person class options.

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